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80+ shortcuts for your everyday email needs
Learn keyboard shortcuts as you use Gmail everyday
1-click unsubscribe to instantly clear emails

Trusted by people who use email a lot

Simple shortcuts to
take control over your inbox

use the power of shortcuts to get faster at Gmail,
without paying $30 a month! 😅

Command Center for emails - ⌘+K orCtrl+K

All your email actions - mark read/unread, report spam, archive, add label, compose etc available in an easy to use command bar.

You wouldn't need to use your mouse again (mostly).

Nudges to learn keyboard shortcuts

Whenever you use your mouse, Simplehuman gently prompts you with the keyboard shortcut that you could have used instead.

Migrate to using shortcuts at your own pace.

Quick navigation through your email

Jumping between your Inbox, Sent, Drafts, or Settings is now an easy to use command with Simplehuman.

Hit Esc to go back to the previous screen from wherever you are.

Quick actions for RSVP, unsubscribe, and attachments

RSVP to calendar invites, open links & attachments, or unsubscribe from those pesky emails.

All by just hitting + K or Ctrl + K.

⌘ + K orCtrl + K
it works everywhere

Where ever you are, Simplehuman works seamlessly within Gmail on all your favourite browsers

Better productivity awaits!

Reach inbox zero or inbox read.
Whatever your style, Simplehuman simply works.

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Nice app. I like Gmail UI, but the shortcode options of SuperHuman. So your app is the best of both worlds!
Brian Dainis
Loving SimpleHuman so far! Fast to learn, and I can see it saving me a lot of time!
Nathan Lippi
It's working perfectly. I just cleared 62 emails. I swear I would've died without Simplehuman 😂
Aditya Shah
Literally the best email extension you could get. Amazing alternative to Superhuman. Super clean and just works. Definitely worth the price and they are super responsive to feedback.
Danny Nielsen
Love it! This extension helps me fly through my emails so I can get out of my inbox and back to revenue producing work. And great support! I had a few questions when I was getting started which they answered swiftly - even on a weekend!
Bill Brelsford
Loved it. Killer and addictive. This should probably be the default option in Gmail.
Nagesh KM
This is aweeeeesome. It massively speeds up and simplifies usage of GMail. The original shortcuts are so unintuitive, and this levels up the whole experience massively. Great pricepoint too, and the developer is super active and amazing at feedback and improvements.
Brent Maxwell
I recommend Simplehuman to every Gmail user I know :) 
Rahul Desai
Been using this a week and it's been life changing! Sign up and get a demo!

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